Fraud Litigation Plan

We have established the following steps to minimize our risk to credit card fraud:-

  1. We only accept order from our registered members (and not the general public) whereby we have their complete personal information such as full name as per IC, IC #, contact address & telephone no beforehand. We also have the details of their introducer who recommended them to join our company. The member is required to sign a member form and comply to our company’s Policies and Procedures before they are registered as our members.
  2. We do not accept orders unless complete information is provided. Apart from the credit card detail such as the credit card number, card expiry date & CVV no., we will also need them to provide name on the credit card, issuing bank, credit card billing address.
  3. We will send an email & SMS to the member upon his order to inform him of his purchase.
  4. We will only ship orders within Malaysia. And be extra careful when orders come from overseas.
  5. If an order has different billing and shipping address, we will call the members to validate the address. Avoid shipping to post office boxes and other non-permanent address.
  6. We will train our administrator who process the orders to be more alert. If there is a suspicious transaction, we will call our member to confirm the order. Example: If the orders are larger than our typical order amount, and orders with urgent delivery. We will review the order regularly and report unauthorized transactions immediately.
  7. If we do have the misfortune of being scammed by a credit card thief, we will contact the banker immediately and inform them of the situation.
  8. If we are concerned about a possible fraudulent transaction, we will contact the authorization center and alert them of suspicious activity.